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I knew I was a 'Big Kid' especially when I came across a Lego Star Wars collection that I sorted, built, then sold. I realized how much fun this was. From there I started buying and selling lego products. Then it evolved into investing in a plastic injection machine so that I could create my own weapons and accessories for lego minifigures. I then wanted to find ways to get creative with lego minifigures and the custom weapons I was making so I became a 'tailor' and started making custom capes and other cloth items for the minifigures. Now I am having fun designing and printing my own custom printed lego minifigures and other lego elements. What can I say I am having fun!!!!!

We are a small but growing company consisting of my wife, my kids, and me "The Big Kid" Will Dawson. We are flexible and interested in anything Lego or similar to Lego. We care about quality so no matter what we make and sell or resell, the same quality will be there just like Lego's quality!


Thank you for visiting us and we look forward in doing fun business with you!



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