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CHROMED SURFER Custom Printed & Chromed Lego Minifigure!

Our art on Lego Parts! For best quality our characters are professionally printed on Lego® minifigure parts. Our attention to detail is what makes these characters come to life. We Proudly print each figure here in the USA. Comes as shown.


professionally chromed lego parts


BigKidBrix has over 10 years of experience and over 600 characters and accessories to choose from. Sign up to our website, Instagram or Facebook to get the latest deals and firsthand previews of our newest products.


Buyer Note's:

1. Hands cannot hold anything or chrome may flake unless you are able to slide it in very carefully SO BEWARE.

2. Same goes for studs on surf board. If you place fig on studs over time chrome may wear off.

3. ALL parts are 100% Lego parts.

CHROMED SURFER Custom Printed & Chromed Lego Minifigure!

SKU: 114
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